Music Lessons 




We believe every student deserves to have a custom built learning plan, designed specifically for their age, skill level, and music goals. That’s why we take great care in matching our students with the perfect music instructor to provide an exciting learning experience where students can build confidence and discover a love of sharing their music with others.

Guitar Lessons - Freedom Music Academy 2


Freedom Music Academy offers guitar lessons for all ages. Our lessons are designed to help a student jump right into their favorite music style and learn what it takes to play with confidence even in front of a crowd. Our students enjoy weekly lessons allowing them to learn at their own pace and make steady progress towards goals.

Drum Lessons at Freedom Music Academy


At Freedom Music Academy, our music lessons are geared toward getting students ready to play their favorite songs right away. Drum students get behind the drums on day one and learn the foundational elements necessary to play the songs they love. Our music programs are designed to combine private lessons with group rehearsals to experience what it’s like to play in a real band and share their love of music with others.

Drum Lessons at Freedom Music Academy
Singing Lessons at Freedom Music Academy


Freedom Music Academy’s music programs help singers develop important skills and experience in a collaborative music setting, helping them become performance-ready. Our Vocal Instructors guide students through basic vocal exercises and techniques, warm-ups, melody and lyrical development, and microphone technique.

Bass Guitar Lessons at Freedom Music Academy


Bass players are an integral part of holding the music in a song together.  Our music lessons will not only be one of the highlights of a student’s week, but they will also develop students into becoming real musicians. Our private lessons and group programs are interactive, engaging, and help students progress from playing alone to working with other musicians to experience a full-band performance in front of others.

Bass Guitar Lessons at Freedom Music Academy
Piano and Keyboard Lessons at Freedom Music Academy


Our music lessons help bring the best of one-on-one instruction with group lessons to prepare students with the necessary tools to build confidence and experience so they can play solo or with a full band. No matter your age or skill level, we teach private lessons that will have you making music you love on the piano and keyboard.