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Being a part of the Teachers Tribe at Freedom Music Academy is transformative for musicians and educators. Join our Tribe to utilize your talent, give back to your community, and make a profound impact. Work part-time at Freedom Music Academy and find the perfect balance between pursuing your passions and achieving career goals.

California Locations - Freedom Music Academy

South Bay L.A., California

Freedom Music Academy provides top-quality music lessons in the South Bay L.A. area of sunny southern California. Our studio is conveniently located in Torrance, and we take pride in delivering outstanding instruction to our students. View details to see the cities we serve.

Tennessee Locations - Freedom Music Academy

Tri-Cities, tennessee

Freedom Music Academy offers exceptional music lessons near the breathtaking Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, conveniently nestled in Johnson City, right in the heart of the Tri-Cities area. Discover more about our incredible program by clicking on the details.

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Music Lessons - Freedom Music Academy


Freedom Music Academy is a growing, passionate community dedicated to enriching lives through private lessons and performance-based music education. We develop music creativity and proficiency within a culture of belonging, collaboration, and optimism, all while maintaining the highest ideals of safety and integrity. Our music programs are all-inclusive serving children as young as 3 years old through grandparents who want to release their inner rock star. Working at Freedom Music Academy means connecting with other like-minded musicians and educators, expanding your own professional network, and future opportunities.


Freedom Music Academy supports aspiring and gigging musicians through flexible, part-time work schedules and a diverse range of lessons taught both in-school and online. Our team handles all the marketing, scheduling, booking, billing, and administrative aspects of the business, allowing you to focus on your true passion – teaching and pursuing your music career or other professional endeavors. Join us at Freedom Music Academy and unlock your full potential as a musician.

Music Lessons - Freedom Music Academy


Through our strong partnerships with top brands in the music industry, Freedom Music Academy is proud to offer discounts to our amazing Teachers Tribe on a wide range of premium instruments and equipment. Trust us to keep you equipped with the finest musical tools for your creative journey.